Blue and White Self Storage

Blue and White Self Storage - 32 Priestley Street, Mittagong - 31 Storage Spaces

Blue & White Self Storage is a 31 unit self storage complex at 32-34 Priestley Street, MITTAGONG, located on a first floor with a goods lift for movement of goods. The complex is managed for the owner by CIPS Real Estate Agents.

Please carefully read all the information below and then, if you want to rent a storage unit, please call or email us to check availability. You can then download the contract to check terms and conditions.

A completed contract and proof of identity must be returned to our office, you will also need to make your initial payment and collect an access key from our office prior to commencing.


Storage Units

Offering a variety of sizes, the Storage units start from 3 metres wide2.1 metres long up to 3 metres wide3.9 metres long and height is 2.5 metres. All storage units are on the first floor, accessible only by a goods only lift and stairs.



Rent payable monthly in advance, is for whole months only, starting from $160.00 per calendar month (inclusive of GST).


Security and Access

The complex is secured and locked at night at 5.30pm and re-opened at 7am. The complex is therefore accessible to tenants between 7am and 5.30pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All units are tenant secured: you supply the padlock for the double entry door and keep your own key. Tenants are supplied with a swipe card for access to the goods lift. Please see instructions.



The complex is usually close to full, so if you want to check availability call 02 4862 3000 or email us.  Always check availability before completing and signing a contract.


Payment Terms

  • All rent must be paid at least one month in advance.
  • Minimum rental period is one month.
  • Payment must be automated and be by bank debit.
  • A bond equal to one month rent must be paid on signing the contract: it will be refunded when the unit is fully vacated and cleaned.  Cleaning & tip charges will be applied if the unit is not cleaned & cleared when you vacate.
  • A once off administration fee of $27.50 incl. GST must be paid on signing of the contract.


Summary Contract Terms

All detailed terms are set out in the storage contract which you can download by clicking here.

  • You must comply with the payment terms outlined above.  Significant fees apply for late payment and these will be strictly applied: so ensure you pay promptly.
  • We can take possession of the storage unit and the goods therein if you are 42 days or more late with your payments.
  • You must give (or pay for) one (1) months’ notice to vacate.
  • Neither Blue & White Self Storage nor CIPS Real Estate Agents accept liability for any loss you may suffer at the complex: you should make your own arrangements to insure all risks for your goods stored at the complex.
  • Your unit will not considered vacant until everything is removed and the unit swept clean. We will charge $44.00 (plus tip fees, if any) to do this if it is left undone and you will be responsible for rent until it is.



Blue and White Storage Instructions

Swipe your card at the point on the right hand side of the lift. This should make the roller door go up automatically.

Once the roller door is up, the controls for the lift are on the right hand side of the lift.

If the lift is NOT in the ground floor position, press the black button to bring the lift down. One black button brings the lift down, the other black button takes the lift up.

Once the lift is down, the doors to the lift should open easily. If the doors do not open easily, it is because the lift is not fully down, so just press the black button again.

Put your items in the lift well, and close the doors and send the lift up by pressing the UP black button.

You then go up the stairs to the right hand side of the lift and use your swipe card at the door entry to open the door. You can then meet the lift at the top and use the trolley to move your goods to your unit.

The roller door at the top has a swipe card point on the left hand side of the door panel. If the door is not working you can open it manually.

When you are finished, you can either leave the lift up top or on the ground. Just make sure that you close both roller doors by swiping your card again.


 * prices subject to change